Kurulus Osman Episode 77 Urdu Subtitles

In the 77th episode trailer of ATV’s record-breaking series, kurulus Osman; Osman Bey surprised Bala Hatun, who was praying for him. Here is the 77th episode trailer of Kurulus Osman. Directed by Ahmet Yılmaz and Erkan Nurhan, Bozdağ Film signed ATV’s popular TV series, Establishment Osman, and with its new season, it manages to lock … Read more

Kurulus Osman Episode 76 Urdu Subtitles

Although Osman Bey is seriously injured, he manages to escape from Vizier Alemşah’s men and take shelter in a cave. While Osman Bey is fighting for life and death in the cave where he took shelter, Gündüz Bey does not want Kayı Obası to be headless in his absence. Player 1: Player 2: Player 3: … Read more

Episode 11

The Establishment Osman series, which features successful names such as Burak Özçivit, Özge Törer, Yıldız Çağrı Atiksoy and is indispensable on Wednesday evenings, is getting ready to come to the screens on Wednesday, December 15th with its 75th. Player 1: Player 2: Player 3: Download Links: Sheikh Edebalı was attacked by Tekfur Kosses, Osman Bey … Read more

Episode 10

Will Boran Alp be executed? In the 74th episode of ‘Kurulus Osman’, Osman Bey is besieged from four sides. While Boran Alp, who was captured by the Tekfurs after the explosion in the mine, is about to be executed by Tekfur Nikola, Seljuk Vizier Alemşah comes to Bithynia with the aim of taking Osman Bey … Read more

Episode 9

Osman Bey, who nullified the Söğüt attack and sentenced Priest Gregor, has cornered the Tekfurs. The visit of Iznik Governor Saguros to Söğüt gives the Tekfurs the opportunity they have been waiting for. Tekfurlar, who wants to end Osman Bey’s trade and damage his reputation, put Governor Saguaros and his daughter as their target. Player … Read more

Episode 8

Player 1: Player 2: Download Links: Osman Bey’s fearless move Osman Bey and the Alps embark on a deadly operation in Bilecik Castle, which they have secretly entered. Turgut Bey, who managed to reach Tekfur Rotagus and that Osman Bey allowed him to infiltrate the castle, is in the grip of great danger. Nikola wants … Read more

Episode 7

Player 1: Player 2: let’s go. Let’s go where are you going? There will be a lot of blood today. A day before. I’m going to see Manuel from Aznik, brother. I will use trade against them. I will make an offer that no one else will be able to give. If he is smart … Read more

Episode 6

Player 1: Player 2: Nah it’s confirmed that #MehmetBozdag is officially spying on my reviews of Kurulus. After all, I had written a pitch for him a few months back to join his writing team as a way to enhance the script of KO and although I did not land the gig, much less Bozdag … Read more

Episode 5

Full Episode Player 2: What does will happen in Kurulus Osman Episode 69? In Kurulus Osman Episode 69, the small piece of wood has been recognized for its true power. In this episode, it is now time to make a plan that will bring conflict between two Lords as well as unite all those under … Read more

Episode 4

Player 1: Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 3 Urdu (Episode 67) is translated by VidTower. If we have made a mistake during the translation of this episode, we seek forgiveness from Allah. Translators: Yahya Hanif, Huzaifa Shah, Aal-e-Huzur Naqvi, Syed Haris Watch the full episode on the Woodtower website. Elias If we go fast we … Read more