Barbaroslar Episode 5 with English/Urdu/Arabic Subtitles

In Barbaroslar Episode 5, Baba Oruç and Isabel join forces and take action to end the persecution of Unita, an organization that does not let Muslims in. What awaits Baba Oruç, who stands against the oppressors and lives to be hope for the oppressed, and Isabel, whose brother is held captive by the organization? How will they … Read more

Barbaroslar Episode 1 Urdu Subtitles

Barbaroslar is a Turkish historical fiction television series that will depict the life of Barbarossa, a “Kapudan Pasha” in charge of all naval forces for the Ottoman Empire. The story takes place during his youth as he struggles to rise through ranks and prove himself worthy by protecting Constantinople from pirates while also dealing with … Read more

Kurulus Osman Episode 60 Urdu Subtitles (Season 2 Episode 33)

ATV will release episode 60 of Turkish Series Kurulus Osman tonight. Let’s talk about today’s episode. My Sheykh, he should be here at any moment. I am sure he will be here whatever happened. Osman Bey is right, daughter. In this situation. waiting is not appropriate for us anymore. In the name of Allah. Send … Read more

Kurulus Osman Episode 54 English & Urdu Subtitles

As you know, trailers from the episode have been released already. People are waiting for the upcoming episode of Kurulus Osman that will be on-air on the Turkish TV channel ATV. We’ll be talking about the storyline of Episode 54. Episode’s Storyline Firstly, I was pleasantly surprised by Sultan Melikshah’s decision for Tekis. It really … Read more

Kurulus Osman Episode 53 English & Urdu Subtitles

Another amazing episode which flowed smoothly from the one before it in elaborating further on the factors at play along that perilous frontier that, we are shown, wasn’t unlike a chessboard with three players (four if you include the Papal agents) – with each trying to reign supreme, to outmaneuver the other two in a … Read more