Kurulus Osman Episode 56 (Season 2 Episode 29) Urdu Subtitles

The apparent tension between Osman and Umur Bey will disappear soon. The ending scene where both were invited by Sheikh Edebali seems to be heading towards reconciliation between two great Beys. Both shared a common mission, as the Sheikh had rightly pointed out.
Sometimes political conflicts can never be resolved through political solutions, but through an independent or third-party “service provider” who is non-political but possess a deep insight into human nature and the psychological tendencies of each opposing parties. And coupled too with a matured assessment of the ongoing conflict.

Sheikh Edebali represents a solution that is deeply needed in the political arena but in most cases was largely ignored – and that is the spiritual elements deeply rooted in the human psyche. Politics is about human nature, aspirations and quest for power and dominance, all of which can be corrupted by unbridled desires and reckless pursuit of political greed.
Treachery, compromises, backstabbing and even jealousy are all manifestation of the “Dark Force” which is the eternal enemy of the True Path/Way.

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